Hide unsightly services and give yourself extra storage with our stylish caravan skirting solutions. Add matching fencing to surround your site and provide safety for your children or pets.

White Liniar caravan skirting and railings
  • High quality plastic

    Liniar PVC skirting is very low maintenance.

  • Timber

    High-quality timber can be stained to match your leisure home or decking.

  • Hide unsightly services

    Leisure home skirting hides services while retaining ready access for repairs.

  • Gain secure storage

    Access panels in static van skirting can be lockable, providing you with additional storage for your leisure equipment.

  • Add an outside tap

    Taps can be securely fitted to your leisure home skirting and all pipework stays concealed, but with ready access for maintenance.

  • Wind protection

    Out mobile home skirting solutions reduce the flow of wind and therefore reduce heat loss.

Caravan skirting is both practical and attractive. The skirting hides ugly services, making your caravan look smarter. Access panels in the skirting make it easy to carry out maintenance. Add locks to the access panels to get valuable extra storage. Imagine being able to keep things like your kayaks and outdoor furniture safe year round. Skirting can even help keep you warm, because it makes it harder for the cold wind to get under your caravan.

Pick the colour of your caravan skirting to match your decking balustrades or the outside of your van. High quality PVCu skirting panels from Liniar come in a wide variety of colours. Plastic skirting is low maintenance too. Just wipe down with a damp cloth to keep it looking great for years. Timber skirting can be stained to give added protection from the weather, and gives you a wide choice of colour.

Our attractive skirting solutions match or tone with your leisure home and hide unsightly services. They provide excellent access for repairs and can even give you valuable extra storage for your leisure equipment.